Catskill Comfrey in Three Varieties - Chili Pepper, Original, Arnica & Calendula


How fresh is catskills comfrey?

We pour regularly, every two-four weeks. You can expect the ointment to ‘last’ for a year. When harvesting comfrey on our farm, we dry it, crush it and store it in airtight containers within 48 hours of harvest.

How much catskills comfrey should I use? How frequently?

The actual amount used depends on your condition. For Trigger Finger, it’s often more convenient and effective to spread it over your entire hands vs a single finger. The base oils are excellent moisturizers. For a bee sting, ‘a little dab will do ya’. Sore muscles may require liberal amounts as more body mass is involved. For rashes, lightly cover the affected area. Increase as needed. For acne, cold sores and cracked skin, use until resolved.

Some applications, ie., bee stings, are ephemeral, short events of usage; Trigger Finger may be an ongoing effort to diminish the actual symptoms. Our ointment, all of which involve comfrey, cannot cure Trigger Finger; it can only mitigate the symptoms.

An ounce (our smallest Catskills Comfey jar) lasts about one month under normal, daily usage.

I’ve heard comfrey may affect the liver, why is that?

Comfrey contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) which are principally found in the root. Our ointments do not use the root as our allantoin source whatsoever. Our ointments use the largest leaves - and these contain the least PAs; furthermore, dried comfrey contains negligible PAs. Comfrey is widely used in topical applications. There is no known FDA warning against the topical application of comfrey. We do not recommend oral ingestion of comfrey and our products.

How do I get it out the Chili Pepper ointment out my eye?

Milk. And, we sympathize with you. Our Chili Pepper ointment is hot! We know, too, by experience. We infuse the Carolina Reaper chili pepper, the world’s hottest pepper, in our process. There is approximately one dried pod per ounce of ointment.

A little bit of this ointment, if spread to the eye (or any other orifice), can be extremely uncomfortable - and even painful. If using this ointment for massage or applying warmth to sore muscles, wash your hands thoroughly immediately.

If spread to the eye, do not use water to rinse; this will only spread the discomfort. Rather, use milk. It is soothing and dampens the stinging effect.

is catskills comfrey organic?

They are - but not the official ‘USDA Organic’; we are just too small of a business. We use no pesticides or chemicals in the growth of our comfrey, arnica and calendula. The only fertilizer for the comfrey is a shovelful of aged horse manure on each plant after it is fully harvested, about three times per season (May through September). Any soil amendments we add to the arnica and calendula plants are organic.

The coconut oil we use is organic, extra-virgin, cold-pressed. The Greek olive oil is extra-virgin, cold-pressed. The beeswax is unscented and organic.

May I get a refund?

If you are not satisfied with your Catskills Comfrey product, yes, you may request (and probably) receive a refund. We ask that you be mindful that ‘every body is different’ when judging the efficacy of our products. 

If your purchase arrives broken, we will issue you a replacement at no cost. Breakage is uncommon as we ship in well-padded envelopes.

How is my order shipped & When will it be delivered?

We ship most orders via USPS 1st Class Mail. Once we have received a Tracking ID from the Post Office, you are advised, along with an online URL where you can track your package.

In general, if an order is received by 2pm, we ship that day; otherwise, the order is mailed the day after the order is received. Packages arrive in 2-3 days.

I would like to sell Catskills Comfrey in my store. Do you wholesale?

If you have a retail store and wish to carry our products, please contact us with your state-issued resale certificate and website address. We will advise you promptly as to whether we can include you in our growing network of health and quality oriented stores displaying Catskills Comfrey on their shelves.


This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any advice found here should NOT supersede the advice and services of a licensed medical practitioner; nor should the advice found here be used in any way to alleviate any specific disease or its prevention. You are fully responsible for your own health and any purchase of Catskills Comfrey does not relieve you of that responsibility. By purchasing, you agree to hold the seller, Catskills Comfrey, free of any liability resulting from this purchase; nor does Catskills Comfrey assume any responsibility for any untoward or adverse reaction from its product.