Comfrey Flowers

resources & references

WebMD: Comfrey

Detailed and medically focused. Comfrey

Good, historical review and coverage.

Mother Earth News: Comfrey Medicinal Uses - The Herbalist's Notebook

Brief, general overview.

Richard Whelan, Medical Herbalist: Comfrey Root and Leaf

Personal, thorough review by professional, including illustrations.

Herbal Encyclopedia: Comfrey

Historical review of usage.

Breast Cancer Authority: Comfrey, Herb for Burns and Wounds

Informed account using comfrey to heal radiation burn and other common skin burns.

Monterey Bay Spice Company: Herbs That Soothe Skin Ailments

An MD’s account of healing herbs, specifically mentioning comfrey and calendula.

The Practical Herbalist: Chili Pepper - Herbal Fire for Digestion and Circulation

Excellent account describing benefits of chili peppers active ingredient, capsaicin.

The Derm Review: Allantoin

Straightforward account of allantoin, its sources and usage. Comfrey’s primary active ingredient is allantoin.

Doctor Yourself: Comfrey - Wound Healer and Cancer Fighter

References earlier texts involving comfrey and cancer.

HealthLine: What is Comfrey?

Medically reviewed, concise, thorough commentary on history, uses, risks and benefits.