Comfrey plants on our farm in Delaware County, NY

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Catskills Comfrey is grown organically on our small farm in Delaware County, NY. Harvested two-three times every season, our comfrey plants are never treated with herbicides, pesticides, or anything else you would not want on your skin. We fertilize the comfrey with a shovelful of aged horse manure and let our beautiful plants soak up the fresh country. Within 48 hours of harvest we dry, crush and store the comfrey (in airtight containers) to preserve freshness and maintain its high-strength potency.

As of late 2018, we have approximately 350 comfrey plants in the ground. Calendula and arnica have been added to our fields for one of our signature blends.

Artisanal All The Way

Catskills Comfrey is a true artisanal product. We raise, transplant and grow all the comfrey used in our products. We harvest it. We trim it. We dry it. We crush it. We store it. We infuse it. We pour it. We label it. We shrink wrap it. Essentially, we do everything associated with the production of Catskills Comfrey ointments. There are no fancy machines involved to facilitate the process.

The Infusion Process

Catskills Comfrey ointments are produced through an infusion process. This is a centuries-old technique that transfers the essential ingredients of the herbs to the coconut and Greek olive oils by immersing the herbs in the oils and warming them to a low temperature for an extended period of time. The oils take in all the benefits of the comfrey plant.

The base oils used in Catskills Comfrey are organic coconut and Greek olive oils, which are considered some of the best moisturizing oils you can apply to your skin. There is a soft, earthy smell to our ointments, primarily due to the comfrey. They are quickly absorbed, carrying the benefits of the infused herbs subdermally, as well.


There are many reputable reports of the benefits of comfrey for skin care. Comfrey’s active ingredient, allantoin, is one of the most important cell-proliferants. Essentially, comfrey encourages cell growth, helping the body do what it naturally wants to do but only with more vigor and rapidity. Comfrey is an anti-inflammatory with additional moisturizing benefits.