Catskills Comfrey Original on display


This ointment has warmed my body

I have a crooked body, which also has poor circulation in my legs. I also have degenerative arthritis in all five discs in the lumbar area and 3 discs in my neck. Lots of nerve pain around the clock in legs and neck. This [Original] ointment has warmed my body and also relaxed it a bit. I have stiffness all the time and this herb seems to enter my skin and calm the nerves and also relax the poor muscles... ~ Maya L [Albany NY, Aug 2019]

it works wonders on it

...I had skiing accident and injured my knee - meniscus tendon. It [CBD ointment] works wonders on it. Also car accident injury to my ankle (crushed) and tendinitis from word processing and works great on aches and pains from old injuries... ~ Beth S [Denver NY, Aug 2019]

my pain has subsided from an 8 to 3

“…I have been using the CBD Comfrey [sample] daily. ... The most important aspect of using the CBD is that my pain has subsided from an 8 to 3 or 4 on a scale of 1 to 10….” ~ Mark Burek [Castleton NY, Mar 2019]

Short Video

View a video of Mark Burek discussing his Parkinson’s Disease and treatment at Albany Medical Center.

Parkinson’s Disease

For more information about Parkinson’s, please visit HopeSoars, a non-profit organization in the Ablany NY area.

“Curing Parkinson’s is our goal ~ living with Parkinson’s is our approach.”

IT Wasn’t going away until I used your comfrey

“…I have been using the jar you gave us on my left knee, which has been sore for some months.  It was self-diagnosed as an inflammation of that sac that is inside the knee, but it wasn't going away until I used your comfrey, so thanks!” ~ Keith C [Santa Fe NM, Mar 2019]


“....he says it takes about an hour for the pain relief to be felt and the pain relief lasts about 8 hours. He feels that your CBD [ointment] +THC definitely works better than the CBD creams he has used in the past.  Our only complaint is the consistency is somewhat runny. ... we will definitely be ordering some. .... “ ~ Sue D [Little Rock AR, Mar 2019]

Very effective

“I find your comfrey with arnica and calendula very effective. Used it today on an abrasion on my arm and was very pleased with the pain relief and decreased redness it provided.” ~ Sue D [Little Rock AR, Feb 2019]

It’s a great product & good quality

“I’m in Canada and still received shipment very fast. It’s a great product and good quality! I had an acne breakout on my chin and it was almost clear in 24 hours. Excited it helps so much with scarring. Thank you!” ~ Leleah [British Columbia, Canada, Oct 2018]

So far so good

“Most mornings I would have to unbend his pinky - that’s all been set right now. He even said he’s getting back his quickness of motion on that hand. Yay! Which is great since he’s moving his music toward a Celtic/bluegrass fusion. On the other hand (literally), his index finger has the more stubborn Trigger Finger - the comfrey is definitely helping, it just needs a little more time. But, he is religious about his application - morning, midday before work, and before bed. In a nutshell, so far so good!” ~ Lisa R [Essex Junction VT, Sep 2018]

catskills comfrey is beyond wonderful

“I received my 1oz. Catskills Comfrey and it is beyond wonderful. Thank you very much. Recently, I slipped on the ice and have been struggling with leg/knee, hamstring and back pain. Upon receiving your salve, I immediately applied to areas of discomfort. Without exaggeration, on day two I had no agonizing pain. I’m ordering the 4oz for myself, while purchasing the 1oz for a co-worker who also fell recently and has pain in her hip and back. When I shared what I was using, she was curious and interested. So, this will be my gift to her in hopes that she too will receive the ultimate benefit and relief that I have.” ~ Stephanie B [CHHA/Caregiver, Margaretville NY, Feb 2017]

this ointment was a godsend

“My skin is definitely better. It was so dry and the balm was a real help in healing the painful cracks. I really appreciate all your research and hard work in making this available. It’s a BIG help! My cuticles were cracking after being in the desert and this ointment was a Godsend. My hands are also much softer.” ~ Katy C. [Hiker, San Francisco CA, Nov 2016]

The effect was felt within days

“My wife, who has studied herbology, first employed comfrey to good benefit when she cracked her pelvis. She had applied a comfrey-poultice- and that night she was able to sleep without pain. Later, I developed Trigger Finger [stenosing tenosynovitis] and suffered severe, frequent finger locking on my right hand, with minor symptoms in my left. I first tried a sea-salt poultice to alleviate the symptoms to minimal improvement. But when I tried an ointment of our comfrey infused in coconut and olive oil, the effect was felt within days. I experienced significant reduction in the intensity, frequency and severity of the Trigger Finger symptoms. Whereas before, I might have had 10+ occurrences a day, especially in the morning, where I had to pop my finger back, I rarely experience this severity of locking anymore.” ~ Seth Hersh, Fleischmanns NY [caveat: the creator of Catskills Comfrey]