Catskills Comfrey ~ CBD

Catskills Comfrey ~ CBD

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Catskills Comfrey ~ CBD blend is a topically-applied palliative for muscle and joint pain. Comfrey, arnica and CBD. Three anti-inflammatory herbs. This is natural healing at its most potent. Comfrey and CBD both target muscle and joint pain, reinforcing each other’s effect; arnica reduces bruising and is frequently recommended by surgeons during the immediate post-surgery phase.

Our CBD oil is derived from CBD-dominant hemp grown in NY State by High Falls Hemp Company. We are pleased to provide their full-spectrum, CBD-dominant oil. We grow our own comfrey and arnica - and are especially appreciative of this local supply of CBD-dominant oil.

Each jar contains 200mg CBD per oz of ointment and less-than-0.30% THC. This creates the ‘entourage effect’ in which the hemp’s full-spectrum array of active ingredients arrive together - and continue working together when applied topically to enhance the palliative benefit. This is the same ‘thinking’ that infuses our own comfrey and arnica into the coconut and Greek olive oils.

Common presenting conditions where Catskills Comfrey ~ CBD ointment may offer meaningful, appreciated relief:

  • Joint and Muscle Pain (eg, Parkinson’s Disease - see top-most testimonial)

  • Acne, Cold Sore, Dry & Cracked Skin

  • Rashes, eg, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Poison Ivy

Here is a 3rd-party laboratory analysis of our CBD ointment.
Calculation: 28.35g/oz * 1oz of ointment * 10.97mg CBD/g of ointment = 311mg CBD/oz of ointment

[11 Apr 2019: The calculation shows a CBD concentration in excess of the 200mg CBD/oz of ointment on our label. Future concentrations will be lower but always in excess of 200mg CBD/oz of ointment.]

Coconut oil, Greek olive oil, CBD oil, comfrey, arnica, beeswax

CBD, allantoin, arnica
CBD/THC Content: 200mg CBD/oz of ointment, less-than-0.30% THC

Do not apply to large, open wounds or take orally. Ensure small wounds or abrasions are thoroughly clean before applying ointment. The rapid skin-closure rate can trap an existing infection.

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